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On-Site Review

From the initial building structure and client/equipment requirement evaluations to the final installation, load testing and in-service, Adapt Technologies Inc., will be there to answer any questions and assist. Being a licensed builder experienced installing in structures ranging from residential to commercial we have worked with architects, builders, developers, and therapists across the country. Transfers to pools, spas, (indoor and outdoor) watercraft or vehicle can be done safely and without injury to the caregiver.

Contact us and we can come to your home or facility, or, send an assessment form that can be easily filled out by yourself to provide us with the unique details of your installation requirements and needs. You will be sent a Price Quotation and, if accepted, our factory trained and certified installers will do the rest. There are no issues concerning purchasing equipment at one location and having to find capable and qualified installers to insure you or your loved ones safety.

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